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Global Payroll

The vastly variable payroll practices across different countries poses great obstacles and risks for organizations trying to manage a multinational network of entities. The optimal solution to these obstacles is to leave the payroll process in the hands of seasoned local experts who have experience processing local payroll while at the same time being able to produce company specific reports.

Eurasia Central offers you the most suitable configuration during your payroll process after ascertaining the best solutions according to your local and global needs. Working with Eurasia Central provides you the tracking of the legitimate procedures in the whole working period starting with personnel affairs. Eurasia Central does not only protect you from the possible risks by taking all the responsibilities but also regulates the social insurance reports of all the office premises belong to your company.

Eurasia Central helps you eliminate the processes without accretion value in your organization by preparing the reports that your administration needs accurately, on time, and prepares you for the risks that may occur in employment and severance process owing to the benefits of both employers and employees. Eurasia Central assists you by examining your payrolls and being an advisor during the employment and termination processes. With the help of taking the advantage of your legal rights, Eurasia Central helps you decrease your costs. Eurasia Central keeps the salary information privileged and confidential and does not sacrifice privacy.

Global Payroll & HR News

Global payroll services can seem complex and difficult to manage. However, thanks to our in depth knowledge of local practices and global client needs, we can turn your global payroll needs into a success story. Sign up for our free newsletter to stay up to date with the latest global payroll and HR news.