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About Us

EurasiaCentral is holistic business organization which came into existence following the identification of the need for unified business solutions supported by local expertise across the continents of Europe and Asia for a variety of international public and private corporate clients. This need spawned a partnership between two of the leading networks of consulting and outsourcing solution providers, HR About and Cottgroup®.

HR About was originally established in the Eastern and Central European regions with the aim of providing clients with exceptional consulting and outsourcing services at competitive rates. Over the years, the continuous growth of HR About across Europe has created a network of highly knowledgeable branches and affiliates which are closely related in terms of communication and diligence.

At the same time that HR About was successfully growing its network in the European Region, Cottgroup® was following a similar path in Asia and the Gulf states. Cottgroup® began operations in Turkey and went international in response to the feedback it received from clients looking for consolidated services in other regional countries. Both Cottgroup® and HR About paid strict attention to the standards of their network by using internationally accepted standards such as ISO to ensure internal compliance to security and confidentiality among other things.

The paths of Cottgroup® and HR About merged due to the natural course of growth that both networks were taking. Realizing the similarities between the two networks, the potential for a synergistic strategic alliance paved the way for a bridge between the two continents to be effectively created.

Both partners are well recognized in their respective regions and have been able to leverage one another’s strengths through their partnership to provide clients with a consistently high level of service quality across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

EurasiaCentral offers special expertise in most aspects of company management, accounting and administration. Our clients are serviced by a multi-disciplinary team, organized into many support units: Corporate Services, Accounting, Tax Compliance, Audit, Human Resources, Payroll, Banking and Compliance, and Operations.

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